Take the uncertainty out of managing your organisation’s compliance when working with vulnerable people.

dutyof.care simplifies accreditation management by continuously verifying working with children checks, professional registrations and more, proving that you proactively protect the people in your care.

Watch how dutyof.care simplifies and improves how you manage accreditations.

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The Problem

For your organisation to proactively manage risk, you need to be constantly checking the accreditations held by workers and volunteers within your organisation. The cumbersome and fragmented nature of the current system means that the majority of organisations will only verify their staff upon initial recruitment, creating an unacceptable risk.

  • Verifying accreditations at scale and across multiple jurisdictions is time-consuming & expensive
  • Organisations need to know they are compliant at any given time
  • Cracks in the system allow revoked accreditation holders to continue to work for you
  • The existing system is fragmented and carries high risk
  • Organisations carry the burden of proof to demonstrate that they are preventing harm
  • Poor record keeping makes organisations vulnerable to data loss, tampering or perception of cover-ups

Our Solution

dutyof.care is a simple, lightweight platform that enables your organisation to verify, store, and manage all of its accreditations in one secure place, quickly and automatically.

You can set your organisation up in under 3 minutes and begin verifying accreditations immediately. A log of all verifications is stored using blockchain technology, meaning this information cannot be lost, deleted or changed, enabling you to prove your organisation’s proactive approach to upholding your duty of care.

  • Setup in under 3 minutes
  • Easily bulk upload your constituents
  • Customise your verification frequency
  • Monitor your compliance in real-time
  • Dramatically reduce costs of admin and compliance
  • Rest assured that you have secure, auditable, tamper proof records

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Getting Started with dutyof.care

dutyof.care provides an eco-system that wraps around the existing systems of government and professional bodies, meaning there are no compatibility or data integrity issues. With dutyof.care you get:

  • Continuous verification
  • Immediate notifications
  • Auditable, permanent, tamper-proof records

01. Register your organization

Registering your organisation is incredibly simple. All you will need is your company’s name, ABN and physical address, as well as the contact information of a representative of your organisation.

02. Upload the accreditations of your constituents

Add the workers in your organisation and begin verifying their accreditations. This can be done manually or by using a bulk upload, saving you time!

03. Manage and automate your checks

You will now be able to set your chosen frequency of automated verifications, as well as monitor your compliance in real-time. Your verification log will be automatically written to the blockchain, so you have total peace of mind.

See how simple it is to use

Watch the video to see how simple dutyof.care is to use.

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